Why Hire an Interior Design?

Professional interior designers have at least a bachelor’s degree in interior design or architecture. It is a multifaceted profession combining technical, management and creative skills. Years of study and training educate the designer to the complexity of three-dimensional space. Selecting beautiful fabrics, finishes and furnishings is only one aspect of an Interior Designer’s job, albeit a fun one!

A rigorous exam certifies the N.C.I.D.Q (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) standard for interior design professionals.

Regardless of size, the planning of any space is dependent on many factors. These variables include the intended function, fixed objects and infrastructure (such as structural elements, plumbing, electrical and HVAC), dimensional clearances, and building code requirements.

Layered on top of the functional and architectural components are the aesthetic requirements. How is the desired look achieved? Interior designers know where to source a vast array of furniture, fabrics, finishes and lighting. This allows us to recommend the best solutions that also meet the client’s budget.

Designers are the client’s advocate and have an understanding of the entire process from beginning to end. We interface with contractors, technical consultants, as well as furniture and fabric representatives. We understand timeframes, budgets, and construction all the way through with sound project management.

A client may have a project as small as finding the perfect sofa. Or, a project may include everything from reconfiguring rooms down to selecting the ideal piece
of artwork. Whatever the interior design need, we are trained to handle it.